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The story of the Copts of Shāmiyah, Assuit, did not take place during the days of Muhammad Mursī, but after 30 June.
President of the Institute of Religious Education for the Catholic Copts of Asyut, Father Matāwūs Adīb announced that the enrolment for the year 2018-2019 has resumed. The institute is under the patronage of the Coptic Catholic Diocesan Bishop of Asyut Kyrillos William.
Next Tuesday, the Copts will celebrate the start of the Virgin Mary’s fast that will end with the Assumption Feast on August 22. 
  The coming Thursday (March 27) Nawāl Halīm will be the second female appointed head of the church council (council of shaykhs) of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Assuit. Samuel Bākī, the head of the church, stated that the church consists of shaykhs (presbyters) and pastors and that the...
  Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in the Azhar branch in Assiut have demonstrated their power by holding paramilitary trainings inside the university campus for half an hour. A number of students appeared wearing black face masks and raised al Qaeda flag on campus. They chanted slogans promising...
Mustafá ‘Izat Hamdīn, the imam of ‘Amr Ibn al-‘As Mosque, was referred for questioning by the representative of the Ministry of Endowments in Cairo, Jabir Tayi’. The imam is being investigated for having left work and allowed someone else to take his place, without prior agreement from the Ministry...
A police officer in Dayrūt has arrested a gang made of 6 people who are believed to be involved in kidnapping a Copt.
Security Forces are pursuing in Assuit a group of law-breakers who are threatening Copts in al- Shamiyah village in Assuit. A number of Copts are kidnapped from time to time by this group in order to bargain for ransom (Yūnis Darwīsh, al- Shurūq, Feb. 9, p. 6). Read original text in Arabic.   
The forcible seizure of Copts’ land and property continues in Asyut’s villages and security forces are yet to react, some victims say intentionally. 
Copts have taken part actively in the presidential elections. 


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