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CIDT’s Jayson Casper discusses the role of the difficulties surrounding church building in perpetuating interreligious conflict in Egypt, referring to the example set by Fr. Yu’annis.              
Two Muslim cousins shot four Coptic men from the same family leaving two of them dead after sustaining 140 shots.
Thirty monks from Muharraq monastery in Asyut have staged a sit-in in the grounds of a villa that they believe belongs to the monastery. They claim that the monastery has been the rightful owner of the villa since 1926 when it was given as an endowment to the monastery.
The governor of Asyut highlights the danger of sectarian incidents and notes that the Dayrūt incident was criminal and not sectarian.
The attorney in Asyut extends the detention of the people involved in the Dayrūt riots.
In this article, Jayson Casper argues that some of the media reporting on the recent sectarian incident that took place in Daryūt, in Upper Egypt was sensationalist. He believes that newspapers use eye-catching headlines to draw readers in even though this can mean exaggerating the actual events...
Bishop Mīkhā’īl, the archbishop of Assiut has stepped down as the abbot of Saint Macarius Monastery after 65 years in service.
In Egypt a popular level of religion exists whereby celebrations of the Virgin Mary have had both Muslim and Christian participants.
The author discusses the crisis of the Holy Virgin Monastery in Assiut and decree no. 163 of 2008. This decree was issued on March 10, stating that an area of 13 feddans was sold to the monastery. She also talked about the consequences of the failure to carry out this decree.
The autobiography of a former Muslim Brotherhood member has been banned by the Islamic Research Academy. However critics expected that it would be heralded by scholars as a warning against fundamentalism.


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