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Bishop Silwanis, Bishop and Head of St. Anba Bākhūmius Monastery, in the city of Luxor, on Saturday morning, completed the ritual of the ordination of the monks of four monastic students in the monastery, with the participation of Bishop Yūsāb, Bishop of Luxor Diocese.
Bishop Pachomius announced on August 10 the list of 17 candidates for the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch seat. They are seven bishops and ten monks:
Minya’s Christian majority population was exposed to an assault by policemen after a young Coptic man defended a girl from sexual harassment by a young Muslim. However, the young man did conduct an investigation into those policemen 
Al-Zanayqah village in Isnā, Luxor, was turned into some kind of a military barrack as a result of a tighter security to prevent mounting sectarian tensions between its Muslim and Christian residents. The tensions erupted when the Muslim and Christian mobs rallied the day before yesterday and were...
The celebrations will begin on November 10th, and will last for a week until November 16th. Thousands of tents will be set up to welcome visitors who wish to stay overnight during the days of the anniversary of the birth [Mawlid]. Meetings are also held in the last week of October of each year to...
The mosque of Abu al-Ḥaggag [Abū al-Ḥajjāj] dominates the first court at Luxor Temple and aptly demonstrates the continuing adaptation of ancient monuments to modern use. Luxor remained very much intact during the Roman period, when the monument was incorporated within the Roman camp and devoted to...
Unknown assailants on motor cycles have thrown molotov cocktails on a carpenter’s workshop and a textile shop owned by Copts in the village of Mahamīd, Armant Center, Luxor. 
Prosecution investigations in the shooting that took place close to the EvangelicalChurch in Luxor which led to three causalities assured that there are no sectarian motives in this attack.
 street vendor has died due to gunfire fired next to the EvangelicalChurch in the centre of Luxor.
Judge Muṣṭafā Alham, Governor of Luxor, met with the delegation of the Italian Catholic Church, headed by the Italian archbishop Luigi Vari, accompanied by Bishop ʿAmānūʾīl ʿAyyād, Luxor Archbishop of Coptic Catholics and the coordinator of the visit.


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