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The celebrations will begin on November 10th, and will last for a week until November 16th. Thousands of tents will be set up to welcome visitors who wish to stay overnight during the days of the anniversary of the birth [Mawlid]. Meetings are also held in the last week of October of each year to...
Prosecution investigations in the shooting that took place close to the EvangelicalChurch in Luxor which led to three causalities assured that there are no sectarian motives in this attack.
 street vendor has died due to gunfire fired next to the EvangelicalChurch in the centre of Luxor.
Egyptian newspaper Al-Yawm al-Sābiʿ referred to a Foreign Policy report stating that the supporters of the deposed president, Muhammad Morsi (Mursī), have attacked churches and Copts as a punishment for their strong opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood rule.  
A Christian teacher at El Sheikh Sultan Primary School in Luxor has been accused of disdaining religion and proselytizing Christianity among children in al-Tūd Township of south Luxor (Hajjāj Salāmah, al-Wafd, Apr. 18, p. 2). Read original text in Arabic.
Thousands of Egyptian Christians are expected to participate in the yearly commemoration of St. George, or Mār Jirjis, in the monastery of al-Ruzayqāt, south-west of Luxor. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church has made a statement illustrating the incident that took place in Najʿa al- Mahīdāt in Luxor. 
Amīra Jirjis Khalīl Sīfīn, A 17-year-old Egyptian girl, has caused a new sectarian crisis in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, which caused the injury of dozens of individuals, and the arrest of 11 others. Parliament also issued an urgent statement  directed at Egyptian Prime Minister Sharīf...
  A delegation from Al-Azhar visited the village of al-Muhayidāt, south of Luxor, on Sunday, led by Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayib, Shaykh of al-Azhar, and in coordination with the Islamic Research Academy in Luxor. 
  Dozens of people, including police officers and [army] conscripts, were injured in clashes between Muslims and Christians in the village of al-Muhayidāt in Luxor, in the south of Egypt.


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