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Father Matta al-Maskīn, spiritual father of the Monastery of St. Macarius, passed away. A renewed request for NGO status led by former Egyptian Minister of Tourism Dr. Mamdouh al-Biltagui
The author points to the importance of Egypt in the Biblical history and that many of God’s great men once took refuge in Egypt. He outlines the Coptic tradition of the route of the Holy Family during their time in Egypt and suggests that the sites that were visited by the Holy Family should be...
NGO representatives and activists for human and women’s rights stepped up their campaign this week against the proposed NGO law in a bid to prevent it from being passed by the People’s Assembly. NGOs believe that the bill infringes upon their autonomy and inhibits civil action.
The governor of Al-Minya governorate talks to Rose El-Youssef magazine about the current state of communal relations between Muslims and Copts, as well as fundamentalism and fanaticism in the governorate.
Few people are aware of the preparations that Egypt is making to commemorate the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt during their search for safety from oppression.
Rose el-Youssef describes the life of Lieutenant General Fouad Aziz Ghali, a Coptic Christian, leader of an Egyptian army and a hero of the October war of 1973.
For the first time after the Luxor attack on November 17, 1997, Islamist militants went on the offensive again. They attacked in Beni-Mazaar, near Minia, a police car carrying four policemen, including Lt. Col. Alaa Qandil, and killed them. Two civilians, who happened to be on the spot, were...


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