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Fr. Istafanous Shihātah priest of the Samalūt Diocese has opened the Church of Saint Karas in Ma’sarah, Minya.
‘Iffat  al-‘Iryān, the husband of ‘Imān Marcos, known as the woman of Jabal al- Tayr that the leaders of the church sent his wife to an unknown place until things calm down in the village.
‘Imān Marcus Sarophim, who is known as the “lady of the Jabal al- Tayr village” whose absence from home and her alleged abduction has led to acts of violence, has returned to her house.
Minya security forces succeeded yesterday in releasing secondary school Coptic student.
General Muhammad Ibrahim, Minister of Interior,  held a closed meeting with a church delegation to discuss the crisis of Jabal al- Tāyr in Minya.
The monks of the monastery of Anbā Ṣamūʾīl in Minya organized a protest on the road leading to the monastery, objecting to the ban on visits and entry of cars of all kinds.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding is an Egyptian NGO welcoming internships in Cairo for the sake of inter-religious dialogue and mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims in the Arab world, offering a program for young people of all nationalities and faiths. Italian journalist Giulia...
 Editor AWR: Seok-jo was our first South Korean intern. His English written language skills were not the best, but we always try to find tasks for interns that both benefit the intern concerned as well as contribute to our database. We asked Seok-jo to help investigate the tensions around the...
Bishop Makarius tweeted: the construction of houses of worship is a right we demand.


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