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Abū Fanā Monastery in Malāwī has been stormed by known assailants two days ago.
Yesterday, a night after the “Iftar of Love” that took place in between Muslims and Christians in Abu Qurqas, al- Minya security was capable of stemming three different sectarian disputes ceasing their escalation.
More than 150 Copts were kidnapped for ransom last year nine of which were killed, according to the Maspero Youth Foundation for Development and Human Rights. The Diocese of Minya stated that the number of Copts kidnapped in Minya alone reached 100 Copts, due to the inaction of the police. 
An alleged Muslim Brotherhood member has ignited the fire of a sectarian strife in Taybīah in Minya by attacking a number of houses that belonged to Copts there.
Though the majority of the village al-Bushrā in Mallawī in the Governorate of al-Minya is muslim, the inhabitants collected 50,000 EGP for the release of kidnapped 10-year-old Marcus who belongs to the village. Some hours after the ransom was paid he was freed and returned to the village, security...
The Governorate of Minya has become a safe heaven for gangs of kidnappers according to news reports. All of the kidnapped persons were Copts. The gangs demand amounts of money as ransom. In Mallawī unknown persons have kidnapped a housewife. Her name is Nadia, wife of 'Ādel Shākir. Furthermore, 33-...
Popular and security efforts succeeded in nipping a sectarian strife in the bud. 
The makers of the Yomeddine [‎Yawm al-Dīn] “Judgment Day” movie announced that it will be commercially released in Minya, the birthplace and hometown of its star Rāḍī Jamāl, where the screenings will start on 23rd of September, specifically at Scape Cinema.
 Twelve members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested by security services over the burning down of a BaptistChurch in Binī Mazār, in Minya. The men were also accused of assaulting public and police buildings in Minya. 
The author opens his article with some lines that he published 11 years ago in Al-Ahrām Newspaper. These lines tell the story of two children, Bīshūy and Aḥmad, living in Shubrā al-Mazallāt. Bīshūy does not hesitate in extending his hand to Aḥmad to save him from drowning in the Nile River....


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