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The Minya Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Yūsuf Sabrah, sentenced 183 Muslim Brotherhood members to death, including Supreme Guide Badi’. 
 The Ministry of Endowments, yesterday, filed 18 complaints against the Shaykh of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah, and Muslim Brotherhood preachers in Alexandria, Beheira and Minya due to giving sermons without having a license to do so.
A high-level church source revealed the details of a stormy session that took place in the Holy Synod, over 5 hours, headed by of Pope Tawadros. 
Pictures of young Muslim veiled girls cleaning the inside of a church in Minya Upper-Egypt circulated the social networking sites.
Tears, pains, and burdens weigh heavily on the breasts, so that you will feel your hollow knees, between them eyes dizzy, afraid of the next after much that you have seen in the past. The fire and blood chased them from the far reaches to settle down in a house under construction in a popular...
The preacher of ‘Amr Ibn al- Khattāb Mosque in Minya, Muhammad Hussayn, allegedly a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, has doubted the religious creed of the people of the governorate.
Copts have taken part actively in the presidential elections. 
 The bombs and fireworks used by the Muslim Brotherhood failed to obstruct the voting process in the electoral districts of Al-Minya.
Security forces made a security cordon around ‘Izbit Yaqūb in Samalūt, north of Minya governorate after clashes were renewed between the Muslims and Christians due to a circulating rumor that a Copt’s house was transformed to a church.
Coptic Catholic bishop Botros Fahīm assured that the Church does not intervene in political matters and will not support a presidential candidate


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