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 The bombs and fireworks used by the Muslim Brotherhood failed to obstruct the voting process in the electoral districts of Al-Minya.
Security forces made a security cordon around ‘Izbit Yaqūb in Samalūt, north of Minya governorate after clashes were renewed between the Muslims and Christians due to a circulating rumor that a Copt’s house was transformed to a church.
Coptic Catholic bishop Botros Fahīm assured that the Church does not intervene in political matters and will not support a presidential candidate
Clashes occurred yesterday between two families, one Muslim and one Coptic, in the village of Malawi in the Minya governate.
Three citizens have been injured including two Copts in two sectarian fights between Copts and Muslims in al-Minyā and Abū Qurqās.  Malak Mikhael, a bread seller, arrived at the Minya security department with several wounds and stated that a Muslim person (name appeared in initials only) has...
The official website of the Coptic Orthodox diocese of Suhāj (Sohag), al-Munshaʾah, and al-Marāgha disclosed a statement on the terror attack that claimed the death of 7 people and many wounded.
In the first meeting of its kind, the Malāwī branch of the Egyptian Family House (EFH), or Bayt al-ʿĀʾilah, south of Minya, discussed the risks of underage marriage.
In her statement disclosed yesterday, Friday, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt said that a terror attack targeted Christians in the Minya governorate killing 7 and injuring 14 others. The spokesman of the Egyptian Church, Būlus Ḥalīm, said that these statistics are preliminary and will continue...
An article in memorium of Metropolitan Bishop Bishoy (1942-2018)
The village of Dimshāw has become the scene of tensions between Muslims and Christians because Christians wanted to change a prayer house into a church building. It happens a lot that Christians in villages with no or insufficient church buildings meet for prayer in a house. Generally Muslims in...


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