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Don’t talk with me about the Egyptian Family House or the National Council for Countering Extremism and Terrorism while the blood of innocent people is shed, their freedoms violated and their money, belongings and lives are stolen. Do not address orphans, widows and the bereaved with the "language...
In the governorate of Dakahlia Counselor Mansūr Saqr, Head of the Criminal Court in Dakahlia, has stepped down from the trial of 19 men accused of killing a taxi driver. Residents of his village Sandūb gathered outside the court in Mansura to protest against the most severe punishment. General...
The fact finding committee formed by the NCHR has left for the village of Jabal al- Tāyr, Minya, in order to research the facts concerning the events that the village witnessed recently
Always cognizant of St. Mary’s significance as pertaining to her bearing Christ in her womb, the Coptic Church spends the Coptic month Kiahk to celebrate Christ’s birth (on the 29th of Kiahk) honoring the Mother of God.
Shabāb Christian movement for Orthodox Copts called upon the Pope Tawadros to end his pastoral visit to Canada that would continue until the end of this month and return to Egypt to follow up on the crisis of the village of Jabal al-Tāyr in Minya.
A number of Copts in the village of Dāyr Jabal al- Tāyr, Samalūt, Minya, have accused the security forces of dealing with the angry youth during the protests calling for the return of the disappeared housewife with much repression and brutality.
Coptic activists and Coptic organizations called upon President ‘Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī to dismiss the Minister of Interior, Muhammad Ibrahīm, as well as the Governor and the Security Director of Minya. 
On Sunday 14th of September, more than 200 Copts attacked a police station in the village Jabal al-Tayr, belonging to the governorate Minya, with Molotov cocktails which hurt three policemen and destroyed three police cars.
A statement issued by the Catholic Diocese of Minya, stated that there are no criminal suspicion in the deaths of 11 Copts who drowned in Rās Gharīb, the Red Sea. The statement pointed out that the victims were part of a trip organized by the church to Coptic monasteries in the Red Sea governorate
Abū Fanā Monastery in Malāwī has been stormed by known assailants two days ago.


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