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The following article lists examples of Muslim-Christian incidents since 1996 with an analysis of the different causes leading to such unfortunate incidents. This report was presented to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Council for Human Rights.
The Parable of the Good Samaritan, explaining the principles of AWR to a Christian public in a sermon in different churches in Germany, October 2004.
A German group visited the route of the Holy Family in Egypt as part of a wider tour throughout Egypt. The group was welcomed by Bishop Aghathon of Maghagha. The bishop thanked the Egyptian president for caring about places of tourism. He also stressed the good relations between Muslims and...
The RNSAW asked Coptic human rights activist Ra´ed Al-Sharqawi to investigate the riots in Beni Walmis. He found this started with Christian youth boasting their church was ready while Muslims struggled to have their mosque equally well restorated.
This report presents the interviews with nineteen people, 18 Egyptians and one American researcher about the importance of the work of Arab-West Report, people of different backgrounds, Muslims and Christians, clergy and non-clergy, including scholars and human rights lawyers. Christian...
Visiting Holy Family locations in Upper Egypt; Minia, al-Qussia, Deir Rifa, Shutb.  Tensions in Beni Walmis. Anglican Bishop Kenneth Cragg’s opinion on how to approach Muslims as a Christian.
Bishop Bimen of Khatatba passed away. Comment on the Bishop of Shubra al-Kheima’s remarkable advertisement in the Coptic weekly Watani. Report on the visit to Upper Egypt; Malawi.
Muslim-Christian tensions in Beni Walmis related to church building.
Human rights activist Ra’ed al-Sharqawi is asked by RNSAW to report about the riots in front of the church of Beni Al-Lims. Coptic thinker Dr. Milad Hanna made Coptic activists in the US furious.
Muslim-Christian clashes around the restoration of a church in Beni Lamous (Walmis). Father Luka, priest of al-Qusseir who disagreed with the addition of Drunka to the Holy Family tradition passed away.


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