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  Review of Elizabeth Edward’s “Coptic Orthodox statistics and migration in Maghagha”
Cornelis Hulsman revisited Banī Walīms and Maghagha with a group of interns and Jielis van Baalen, now managing director of CIDT. The objective of the visit was to investigate the present state of Muslim-Christian relations seven years after Banī Walīms suddenly gained media prominence when a...
Sectarian strife in Egypt has been a hot topic of contention in the media. The following article presents a synopsis of incidents that have occurred in Egypt in the recent years. The author considers the reasons behind these attacks, the similar situations that they share, that is attacks that have...
The following article lists examples of Muslim-Christian incidents since 1996 with an analysis of the different causes leading to such unfortunate incidents. This report was presented to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Council for Human Rights.
The RNSAW asked Coptic human rights activist Ra´ed Al-Sharqawi to investigate the riots in Beni Walmis. He found this started with Christian youth boasting their church was ready while Muslims struggled to have their mosque equally well restorated.
Visiting Holy Family locations in Upper Egypt; Minia, al-Qussia, Deir Rifa, Shutb.  Tensions in Beni Walmis. Anglican Bishop Kenneth Cragg’s opinion on how to approach Muslims as a Christian.
Muslim-Christian tensions in Beni Walmis related to church building.
Human rights activist Ra’ed al-Sharqawi is asked by RNSAW to report about the riots in front of the church of Beni Al-Lims. Coptic thinker Dr. Milad Hanna made Coptic activists in the US furious.


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