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In post-Revolutionary Egypt the government is in a weakened state with little or no capacity to enforce laws. Many citizens have chosen to take advantage of this power vacuum to construct churches, mosques, and other buildings in their villages. This article highlights construction in several...
Fathī Sa'd Jum'ah, Secretary-General of the Free Social Constitutional Party in al-Menya, lodged a complaint accusing Nādī 'Ātif Shākir, a political activist and an executive director of the Center of Justice and Development for Human Rights, in the Upper Egyptian governorate of releasing...
Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III met with Ahmad Diyā’ al-Dīn, al-Minya governor. A source from the papal seat stated that they discussed the crisis of the new Maghāghah bishopric and that the governor was keen that Copts are not subject to persecution, but he must implement the law. For his part,...
 A dispute between a Coptic researcher and a bishop over the approval of a dissertation on the Coptic language. 
 Cornelis Hulsman's farewell speech given at Cairo University in June 2009.
This article gives a summary of the life and work of Coptologist and archaeologist Girgis Daoud (1930 – 2010).
Jeff Jacoby sets the persecution of the Copts in Egypt in a context of wider persecution against Christians all over the world, including in Iraq, China, Somalia and others.
The author mentions four sectarian conflicts that took place in Minya in less than a year. He notes that the four conflicts are related to the issue of building or restoring Christian houses of worship.


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