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The recent incident that occurred in Assiut concerning 13 feddans of land that are near the Holy Virgin Monastery had the potential to turn into another Abū Fānā-style issue. However many will view the outcome as Muslims and the government being forced to give in to Christian demands.
A young Egyptian Muslim woman describes Muslim-Christian relations in her native country and discusses her personal relationship with her Christian neighbors.
A young Egyptian Coptic woman comments on Egyptian society and the recent increase of religious tensions in her native country. She mentions steps that can be taken to alleviate the situation and discusses her own role.
The issue of rising sectarian tensions in Egypt is something that must be addressed directly and not shied away from, writes Hulsman in this week’s editorial.
Cornelis Hulsman explains the events leading up to the September 9 celebration to mark the end of the Abū Fānā tensions. Hulsman was invited to attend by ‘Alā’ Hassānayn but eventually had to refuse the invitation because the reconciliation did not involve all the necessary parties.
Susanne Huber provided an overview of media reporting about the tensions following the clashes at the Monastery of Abū Fanā on May 31. The research concerned both Coptic activist as well as Western media reporting in the period June 1 – August 12, 2008. Coptic activist reporting focused primarily...
The growing levels of violence in Egyptian society manifest themselves in various ways. In addition the government seems to be ineffective at making sure that laws are executed. The rising costs of living combined with increasing poverty is also exacerbating the problem.
Drs. Hulsman responds to Jamāl As’ad’s article in which he claimed that the Bishop of Qūssīyah tried and failed to stir up tensions between Muslims and Christians.
Drs. Hulsman congratulates Muslims readers on the occasion of Eid, and points to a number of key issues in this issue.
The tensions related to the Monastery of Abu Fana are characterized by unclear and conflicting land registration regulations, manipulation of information and lack of transparency by both responsible government and church authorities.


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