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Pegged to the Deir Abu-Hennes affair Youssef Sidhom writes about arbitrary changing of names in Egypt.
Sectarian clashes broke out in ‘Izbat Bushrá andnews was reported about a forthcoming reconciliation session.
A report on the troubles caused by the Deir Abu-Hennes name change
Counsellor Najīb Jibrā’īl confirms that he will proceed with the lawsuit filed against the governmental institutions involved in changing the name of the village of Abū Hinnis as long asofficial documents are issued carrying the new name.
Background on Deir Abu-Hennes
Christian residents of an Upper Egyptian village protest against its name being officially changed.
Governor of Minia in collaboration with officials at the Ministry of Justice could revoke the decision to change the name of Abū Hinnis to Wādī al-Ni‘nā‘.
Watani recalls the clash between monks and bedouins at the Abu-Fana monastery in southern Egypt, and claims that injustice to the Christians has not been redressed.
A lawsuit has been filed against ministers responsible for changing the Coptic name of an Upper Egyptian village.
Ihāb Ramzīwas the Christian lawyer representing the monks from the monastery of Abū Fānā. He took on the case a week after the attack on the monastery on May 31, 2008 and claims that he stepped down from the case after the governor of Minia pressured him to do so.


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