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 Cornelis Hulsman's farewell speech given at Cairo University in June 2009.
Jayson Casper recently interviewed Father Basilius from the Coptic Orthodox Church on the role of monasticism in the church. He asked him specifically about issues related to the Monastery of Abū Fānā which was at the heart of a dispute last year with local Arab communities.
AWR Editor-in-Chief presents a paper on peace building, focusing on the work of CIDT, AWR and the ZIVIC project. The paper discusses the role of the media, governance and identity in interreligious conflict in Egypt, incorporating how the Arab-West Group can help in terms of study and...
On December 26-27, 2009 the Center for Arab West Understanding hosted a workshop in Cairo under the title, “Strengthening the Social Role of NGOs through Communication and Interaction”. At our center we have been conducting a project on peacebuilding following the incident of conflict in the...
A paper focusing on the role of traditional reconciliation sessions in the Egyptian legal system, written to answer questions such as “Do reconciliation sessions have a relation to the law? If so, what is it? Are the examples of misuse highlighted by Copts aberrations of an overall beneficial...
Two AWR interns investigate the news coverage of a dispute that took place in al-Tayyibah village, Minia. They analyzed the press reports of the incident and then look at the reconciliation sessions that took place in the wake of the conflict.
The Coptic Orthodox archbishopric in Mallawī celebrates the anniversary of the journey of the Holy Family.


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