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The article highlights the situation of Bishop Dimitrius of Mallawī against a dissertation on Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
The custody of the religious institutions on scientific research leads to the suspension of a dissertation about the Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
The author comments on the Abū Fānā reconciliation process that has been ongoing for over a year.
A Muslim’s dead body is found in the grounds of Deir Abu-fana Monastery
Reviewer: Nuhayr ‘IsmatMājid ‘Atīyah gives a brief history of eminent Christian figures whose villages are named after them.
Mājid ‘Atiyah wonders why a village with a Christian name had its name changed.
Comments on the ending of the legal criminal dimension of the Abu-Fana crisis
The residents of Mallawī in Upper Egypt protested last week about a bridge over the Nile that is being near their villages but that does not yet have ramps that lead to their villagers. Local residents argue that they are being forced to use dangerous ferries to cross the Nile because of the lack...
The Coptic Orthodox archbishopric in Mallawī celebrates the anniversary of the journey of the Holy Family.
Human rights centers in Egypt have stated that 27 sectarian events took place in the country in the last eight months. However, only four of these incidents were discussed in parliament. In addition many MPs believe that discussing sectarian incidents will only ignite more strife and add to...


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