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Drs. Hulsman discusses his trip to Mallawi, and his concerns regarding the effect that misinformation is having on grassroots Muslim-Christian relations.
The following article presents the up to date information received by Arab-West Report from Ra’ed al-Sharqawi.
The article discusses the potential origins of the conflict surrounding the monastery of Abu Fana.
Arab-West Report presented a text for Wikipedia on the background of Abu Fana.
The Abū Fānā ordeal continues to steal the limelight in the press. Some newspapers try to provide plans and documents related to the issue. From his residence in the United States, Pope Shenouda III called to postpone the negotiations until all culprits in the attacks against the monks are captured...
Following the recent publicity surrounding the Monastery of Abu Fanah, named after Monk Abu Fanah, Drs. Hulsman wrote the following for Wikipedia.
Drs. Hulsman comments on the reactions of Christian organizations to the recent sectarian incidents in Egypt.
Drs. Hulsman comments on the New York Times report on Abu Fana.
Drs. Hulsman provides an overview of the history of the monastery of Abu Hinnis. The German researcher Dr. Otto Meinardus wrote in the sixties about seventh century murals in a cave church near Deir Abu Hinnis, a Christian village some 300 km south of Cairo. Most of these murals he then described...
While monks resume their sit-in at the monastery of Abū Fānā, Coptic communities abroad are organizing demonstrations protesting the incidents. The following presents an up-to-date review of the aftermath of the Abū Fānā attacks. Article full text: Like an earthquake with several “aftershocks;”...


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