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Background: These interviews revolve around the places that the Holy Family (Jesus and Virgin Mary and their companions) passed by in Egypt. One of these places is known for its miracles throughout the years. Mainly these historical events are documented in an Italian book in the Coptic Church. It...
The Holy Family came to Egypt, says the Biblical text. But it is silent on what they did once there. Coptic Orthodox tradition has filled in the details. And now, as Arab West Report discovered on a visit led by Cornelis Hulsman on January 16, 2016, they have one detail more.
Unique study visit to Qufada, Maghagha, Minya where we will meet a local orfi judge who leads reconcilliation sessions and a local priest active in supporting the poor. On the road we will visit some beautiful locations.
This report by Arab-West Report explains the context of the massive destruction of churches and Christian institutions in Egypt in August 2013.
ContentsI. Jansen’s argument: Copts are killed when they violate the Shari’a  II. My comment: Jansen should have mentioned the general lack of security in Egypt  III. Jansen does not know about the construction of new churches in recent years  IV. Does the Shari’a prohibit the building of churches...
AWR was pleased to cooperate with Encounter, a program of ABC radio, Australia. For the interviews and transcript of ABC please check this address: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/encounter/stories/2011/3147651.htm#transcript  
This article details the celebrations of the “Ascension Night,” where nearly 2 million Muslims and Christians participated.


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