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Engineer Waʿd Allāh Abū al-ʿIlā, head of the Projects Sector of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, said that the work on the project to renovate the Church of the Virgin Mary at the Monastery of the Mountain of Birds [Dayr Jabal al-Ṭayr] began in 2018, after the Permanent Committee for Coptic and...
Copts of al- Minya celebrated yesterday the journey of Virgin Mary to  the Monastery of Jabal al- Tayr, Samalūt, Minya. 
Wajīh Jamāl, Secretary General of the Egyptian General Tourist Guide Syndicate, said that the entity is currently preparing a three-day familiarization study tour of the path of the flight of the Holy Family in Minya [Minyā] and Assiut [Asiyūṭ]. 
Bishop Pevnotios [Bivnūtiyyūs] of the Samālūṭ Diocese, Upper Egypt, inaugurated two new churches as a part of the annual celebrations in the Monastery of Virgin Mary in Jabal al- Ṭayr, Minya. One church was dedicated to the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt and is built in a similar style as the...
Many legends surround an old tree called the “Virgin Mary Tree,” located in the ancient al-Maṭariyya district of eastern Cairo.
  About one million Coptic and Muslim citizens in al-Minyā governorate celebrated the final, closing night [of celebrations] held in the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, located on top of Mount al-Ṭayr in Samālūṭ.
  Major General Nāṣir al-ʿAbd, Assistant Minister of Interior for the north of Upper Egypt, accompanied by Major General Fayṣal Diwīdār, Assistant Minister [of Interior] and Security Director of al-Minyā, as well as [other] security officials in the district, visited the headquarters of the Virgin...
  The village of al-Ṭayr Monastery, part of the Samālūṭ district in al-Minyā [governorate], welcomes millions of Muslims and Coptic visitors from different Egyptian governorates and Arab and global countries to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary. 
Since his enthronement in November 2012, Pope Tawadros II witnessed a few attacks on Copts. The violence of some of these incidents urged the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria to release statements, of which Dot Misr presents the 6 most prominent here:
Father Felixinōs, a monk of Deir al-Muharraq in Assiūt, confirmed that the old Virgin Mary Church of the Monastery was the place where the Holy Family lived, pointing out that it is the oldest church worldwide.


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