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  In a special statement to el-Wady News, Lūqa Radhī, a representative of the Archbishop of Mary and John Qūsiyya said that atheism is not as common an occurrence as thought, but that government officials need to accept that God made humans with free will and should choose to worship God without...
Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, assured that protecting tourists is a religious duty. 
Shaykh Yassir Burhami, vice president of the Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated during a popular conference held in al-Kharijah [Kharga], in al- Wadī al- Jadīd, that they support Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī in the presidential elections due to their belief that he is the most capable of leading the country in...
The investigation unit in al-Qussiya, Asyut, arrested one of the defendants accused of killing a Copt due to a revenge in ‘IzbitAntunVillage. Masked assailants had attacked Kyrollos Marzūk Sam’ān on Sunday night and ran away. 
About two kilometers west of the Necropolis of al-Bijawāt is situated the Monastery of Mustafa Kashif. It was named after a governor of the oasis during the Mamluk period.
President al-Sīsī attended the laylat al-qadr celebrations held at the national conference center in the neighborhood of Nasr City, which was also attended by several ministers. At the celebration ceremony, al-Sīsī congratulated the contestants who participated in the Qur’ān memorization...
The Azhar, Dār al-Iftā’ and the Ministry of Endowments demanded punishment for those responsible for the death of several members of the security forces in the town of al-Farāfara in the governorate ‘NewValley’.
An article in memorium of Metropolitan Bishop Bishoy (1942-2018)
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 6/12: Dr. Ṭāriq ʿAbduh [Tarek Abdou]


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