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CIDT’s Jayson Casper experiences his first Easter in Egypt
This article deals with the request from Christian activist Na‘īm to bishop Kyrillos to refrain from politics, and focus on being a religious leader only.
Arab-West Report covers Coptic protests over the Supreme Administrative Court decision obliging the church to remarry divorcees. Jayson Casper offers his reflection on the demonstrations.
Jayson Casper reports from a press conference held by Pope Shenouda dealing with the recent controversy over remarriage. Shenouda reiterates his statement that the Coptic Orthodox Church will refuse to implement the Supreme Administrative Court ruling obliging the church to remarry divorcees. 
Another session in the trial of the suspects in the case of the attacks in Naj‘ Hammādī was scheduled for April 18, 2010. The suspects’ defense refuted the decision to refer the case to the State Security court, asking instead to refer it to the Supreme Constitutional Court. One of the three...
The attorney resolves a problem that was reportedly considered a threat of new sectarian strife in Egypt.    
Samīr Murqus writes about the state of religious tension in Egypt.
Pope Shenouda calls for a lawsuit against the inciters of the Naj‘ Hammādī attacks and praises the enlightened lawyers.
Al-Dustūr reports on the reactions of Christian activists after releasing six detainees arrested during the Naj‘ Hammādī incident.
Al-Wafd interviews Christian thinker, Dr. William Wīsā, concerning the reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 


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