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Pope Shenouda dedicates a poem to the memory of the victims of Naj‘ Hammādī, and hopes for a fair court ruling.
The latest Arab West Foundation newsletter, featuring topics such as the completion of the ZIVIK Peacemaking Project, the transfer of the online platform to Drupal, the formation of a management team and the completion of a narrative report for 2009.
Jayson Casper considers two contrasting and controversial views on Islam; those of Imām Faysal ‘Abd al-Ra’ūf and Shaykh Ahmad al-Sāyih. While Imām Faysa's controversy lies in his questioning of the cultural sources of Islam,  Shaykh Ahmad is more concerned with questioning the religious sources of...
Bishop Kyrillus of Naj‘ Hammādī reports on the sectarian attacks in Farshūt to Pope Shenouda III, and accuses the governor of Qena and members of the People’s Assembly of being negative towards the problem.
Bishop Kyrillos of Naj‘ Hammādī criticizes the governor’s reluctance to compensate those harmed in incidents in Farshūt and announced resorting to Pope Shenouda to find a solution.
This article from Watani is an interview with Ahmed Kamal Abul-Magd concerning his recent dismissal from the National Council for Human Rights, and his general views on the status of human rights work in Egypt. Among the issues discussed were the escalating sectarian strife, human rights conditions...
Al-Wafd interviews Sāmih ‘Āshūr, former head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate and vice-president of the Arab Democratic Nasserist Party and the lawyer for the victims of Naj‘ Hammādī, who talks about sectarian fitnah.
Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī reflects on the reality of sectarian conflict in Egypt.
Samīr Marqus warns of division and calls for a radical end to extremism and sectarian conflict in Egypt, stressing the importance of the education system and the media.
Head of the Egyptian Organization for human Rights files a claim against MP ‘Abd al-Rahīm al-Ghūl.


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