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Asia Times covers the Najc Hammādī incidents, linking the attacks to the alleged rape of a Muslim teenager in Farshūt. The article also picks up on reports of anti-Christian shouting in the town.  
Le Figaro reports on Najc Hammādī and places these attacks in a context of an extended period of anti-Coptic sentiment in Egypt.
Following the killing of 6 Christians in Najc Hammādī, Watani International publishes reports rioting in nearby Bahgura, where Coptic shops and homes were reportedly attacked and set alight.
The article reviews some opinions from Coptic figures about the protests Copts organized in the church after Naja‘ Hammādī incident.
Al-Dawākhilī reflects on the courageous attitudes stance adopted by the parliamentary deputy, Georgette Qillīnī.
Following the tragic incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī, an angry Youssef Sidhom asks “Where is President Mubarak?” Focussing on the report to the president by the NCHR, Sidhom asks the regime to intervene to protect Copts from future attacks and to apply the law without discrimination so that justice is...
Watani International reporter Nader Shukry heads to Naj‘ Hammādī and gets caught up in the rioting which followed the shooting of six Copts. Shukry includes the change in the tone of Bishop Kyrillos statements which followed the visit to the bisphoric by Qena governor Magdi Ayyub, and also suggests...
The author traces sectarian events which took place in some Egyptian governorates as the most probable inflamed places for future incidents.
Mahmūd Sa‘d comments on the Azhar's grand Shaykh’s visit to Naja‘ Hammādī, pointing out that such formal visits do not resolve sectarian issues.
Tāriq al-Harīrī writes about media mistakes that lead to sectarian fitnah in Egypt.


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