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The Criminal Court in Naj’ Hammādī (Nag Hammadi) has sentenced eight men accused of killing two Copts to death, and transferred their papers to the Muftī and the General Prosecution for further legal opinion. Security services had originally received a report on 26th January 2011 of the death of Mu...
In a speedy response to the investigative report of al- Shurūq that was published yesterday on the abduction of Copts in Nag’ Hamādi, the Qena security forces intensified its presence on the Cairo- Helwan Road.
Bayt al- ‘Ailah held an extraordinary meeting in the Nag’ Hammādī Diocese two days ago (Tuesday July 1) after armed assailants have repeatedly kidnapped Coptic citizens in Nag’ Hammādī.  
Security forces in Qena caught a car carrying electronic appliances, hidden amidst plants, near al-Shi’āniyyah village. 
Unknown assailants on motor cycles have thrown molotov cocktails on a carpenter’s workshop and a textile shop owned by Copts in the village of Mahamīd, Armant Center, Luxor. 
Security Forces in Luxor have successfully prevented an attempt to burn a number of houses belonging to Copts in Mahāmīd village, Armant, Luxor. 
The Churches and dioceses in Egypt have witnessed intensified security measures by the armed forces and police. In Gharbia, Mar GirgisChurch in Tanta has witnessed high attendance of New Years Mass among intense security procedures. On the other hand, in Qena, the security forces have preempted a...
The Churches and dioceses in Egypt have witnessed intensified security measures by the armed forces and police. 
Spokesman of President Mursī, Dr. Yāsir ꞌAlī, yesterday commented on statements delivered by President Mursī on Egyptian Christians describing them as “minorities”. Accusing media of delivering false reports, ꞌAlī argued that media have taken President Mursī’s statements out of context and that the...
al-Wafd reported on al-Marāshdah incident as well, where Bishop Kyrillos of Qena stated that the clashes resulted in the burning of three stores and an attack on six (‘Abd al-Wahāb Sha’bān, al-Wafd,  Jan. 20, p. 8). Read original text in Arabic


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