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The article highlights the conflict among Coptic Orthodox bishops about the papal succession.
Civil defense forces extinguish a fire near the bishopric of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Qinā. The fire was caused by a cigarette butt thrown on a pile of garbage.
The article reports on two reconciliation sessions in Upper Egypt, one that was held earlier this month and another which is due to take place next week.
’A unified law for building worship places... necessity and impediments’ was the title of a seminar that was recently organized by the Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination group. Members of Parliament, human rights activists, public and media figures attended the seminar and it was led by the...
A reconciliation committee in a revenge case continues its sessions without the third party.
The author sheds light on the conflict between General Majdī Ayyūb of Qina and Bishop Kyrillos of Naj‘ Hammādī.
The author reports on resolving a sectarian crisis resulted from a conflict over land in a village in Upper Egypt.
The Coptic Orthodox Church entrusts Coptic businessman to play a role in resolving sectarian tension.
A number of revenge conflict stories have made the headlines in recent weeks. Worryingly however it seems that those involved are starting to direct their anger toward members of reconciliation committees who are trying to help solve the conflict.
Two Copts have died in a village in Qina, Upper Egypt after four Muslims opened fire on a church congregation as it left the church. The police have caught three suspects but are still looking for one more.


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