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Yāsir al-Shūrī has accused Bishop Kyrillos of changing his stance and withdrawing his statements against Maj. General Majdī Ayyūb Iskandar, governor of Qena. al-Shūrī claims that there was a strongly-worded message from Pope Shenouda’s secretary.
The author discusses the cases of two Coptic girls who have gone missing, while one has been reunited with her family the other is still missing.
An anonymous author alleged that there is a state of conflict between the church represented in the bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī and the governor of Qinā, the Upper Egyptian governorate. The following day al-Wafd published a response from the bishop in which he denied any conflict and describes the...
Pope Shenouda inaugurated al-Malāk Church and held a press conference in Luxor.
Bishop Kyrillos’ absence for the second time, during the reception of Pope Shenouda upon his return from abroad, raised questions and revealed that their relationship may have reached an impasse.
Sharīf al-Dawākhilī discusses Bishop Bīshūy, who in his opinion is a remarkable personality in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Despite the bishop’s increasing number of opponents, he is still seen as the enduring the strong man who has made a difference in theCoptic Orthodox Church.
The author reviews a publication entitled, ‘Treasures of Coptic Art,’ that was released concurrently with the re-opening of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. She highlights factors of the book.
Policemen used tear gas to separate the angry protestors sparked by a decision to repeat the elections between two nominees in Qinā one of the nominees represented the Bedouins and was nominated by the ruling National Democratic Party, and the other was an independent nominee, also a member of the...
Watani interviews Bishop Pimen, bishop of Naqada and Quos. He discusses obtaining permits for houses of worship in Egypt, the difficulties he was presented with in obtaining the license to build his own church, and recent incidents of sectarian strife.
The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church held its annual meeting. Contrary to all expectations, the Holy Synod did not decide on any punishment in the trial against clergymen who had made allegations against Bishop Bīshūy and the Holy Synod. Rumors have spread about the church’s boycott of...


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