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Ra’afat Al-Mehi’s film script "Hurghada...the Magic of Love" which deals with the issue of mixed marriages between Muslim men and Christian women is painful for Christians, not only because Christians oppose such mixed marriages but also because the location for Al-Mehi’s script is in Hurghada...
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman had been invited to give a lecture on his work for the RNSAW at a conference on "Media and Interreligious Dialogue" in Vienna, Austria on November 8 and 9. The conference had been organized by the International Press Institute in Vienna, the Department of Communication Science...
The full, published text of the EOHR’s Special Report on the Al-Kosheh incident.
Rose el-Yousef describes the conflict between a Coptic Orthodox bishop and the people of a village in his diocese who wanted him to consecrate the son of the village priest as priest which the bishop refused. The Pope responded by taking this village and two other villages away from his diocese.


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