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Bebawi writes he was not at all surprised with the decision to bar the holding of a funeral for father Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed but he was surprised to see the publication of an interview with Bishop Bishoy who, according to Bebawi, makes fatal mistakes in presenting church history.
Bishop Bishoi is the head of the church court and he is the secretary of the Holy Synod. He answered all questions which have been raised because of the story of the body of father Abdel Sayed and why it was forbidden to pray over the body of father Abdel Sayed.
An Arabic newspaper looks at "rebel monks", their activities and accusations, and the response of the leadership (including Pope Shenouda III) to their charges.
The author is highly critical of this Coptic human rights activist.
After the issue of national unity provoked by the events of Al-Koshh has somewhat settled down, it is important to review some of the dimensions [of the case] in order to know if there is a conspiracy behind it.
The article of Khaled Hassan contained much wrong information damaging the image of father van Nispen. Father van Nispen wrote a letter to the editor and asked the paper to publish his response which was done on November 26. The text of father van Nispen’s response is given in this issue of the...
An article about the role of Copts in the Wafd Party which led the struggle for independence from the British.
We call on all Christians in Egypt to condemn what is being said and written in the foreign media concerning persecution of Copts in Egypt.
Bishop Bakhoum of Sohag, Maragha and Al-Munsha’a said that the statement of Pope Shenouda III confirmed that what happened in the Al-Koshh events was an ordinary incident, and it has nothing to do with Egypt’s national unity. What foreign papers published were exaggerations that defame Egypt, and...
Interview with Drs. Kees Hulsman, the first correspondent to visit el-Koshh. The interview focused on the Sunday Telegraph, earlier sensational reporting on Egypt by a co-production of channel four and Dutch TV (Evangelical Broadcasting Company), what had happened in el-Koshh and the role of human...


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