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    As southern Sudan prepares to vote this week on a possible secession from the north, Sunnī Khālid says that the African-American community is also divided on the issue...      
Experts in many fields are making contributions and investments to finding a resolution for the NileBasin dilemma.
This is a series of various recent articles with Copts making the headlines.
In spite of the strong spiritual ties between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Church, the latter does interfere in the issue of the Nile water crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt, as it believes it is a political, not spiritual, matter.
The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church holds a session in which it approves the Coptic Orthodox withdrawal from the Eastern Council of Churches, and decides not to avow Christian channels that are not controlled by the Holy Synod.
This article explains Sādiq’s claim that the use of Nile Water in Egypt can be used to the benefit of Coptic activists. He calls on Ethiopia to use Nile water as a bargaining tool for Coptic rights in Egypt. 
Anba Barnaba, Bishop of Rome, talks to Watani about the Copts in Italy and those in Egypt. He speaks of immigration, integration, discrimination, and the Egyptian nationality for all Copts.
                       The opening of the Darfur Reconstruction Conference in March 2010 recalled Egyptian-Sudanese Archpriest Filotheus Farag of al-Shaheedein. Filotheus preaches coexistence, acceptance, and love of all people, asserting it is God’s will to respect all cultures and he is renowned...
With the passing of Sheikh Tantawi as Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar we at Arab West Report have had opportunity to remember him through several interactions which took place between him and our editor-in-chief, Cornelis Hulsman, who often conducted interviews with him on behalf of various delegations....
Christine Chaillotis the author of a number of books on Oriental Orthodox Churches. Her first visit to Egypt was in 1981 and since then she has visited the region countless times and feels that the Orthodox Church has become her spiritual home.


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