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Akram Al-Sa‘danīsaid that in the current days, religious personalities have become government affiliates, thus producing a gap between them and the people. However, Pope Shenouda is an exception. He neither appeases nor clashes with the government. For this reason he is widely respected, which was...
The article reports on an upcoming visit of Pope Shenouda III to Ethiopia to strengthen the relationship between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
The article discusses the trip of a group of young Ethiopians from the Ethiopian Diaspora, and their visit with Drs. Cornelis Hulsman to Watani.
Critique on the claim of a Copt in Germany that only Copts are real Egyptians. Reference to a review with interesting comments on the freedom of Egyptian press.
Sharīf al-Dawākhilī discusses Bishop Bīshūy, who in his opinion is a remarkable personality in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Despite the bishop’s increasing number of opponents, he is still seen as the enduring the strong man who has made a difference in theCoptic Orthodox Church.
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Ethiopia believes that the journey of the Holy Family was to Ethiopia, not Egypt.
The author discusses Coptic iconography over time, as well as the significant contributions of a number of renowned Coptic iconographers.
Labīb reviews the historical information about the Sultan Monastery, the sole Coptic monastery in Jerusalem. The final ruling recognizing the monastery as a Coptic property was issued by the Israeli Court of Justice in 1970. However, the ruling has not yet been executed.
The author sees groups inside and outside Egypt as plotting against the country’s national unity. These are Zionists in the USA and terrorists inside Egypt. He gives examples from history. Whatever happens, he argues that national unity must remain intact and the Coptic Orthodox Church proved to be...
With the long confrontation between the two civilizations, Islam and the West, the two sides inherited deep-rooted ideas about each other. The Christian and Jewish West does not acknowledge Islam as a heavenly religion. This is the most prominent and dangerous idea inherited by the West....


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