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[Editor AWR: Both Cardinal Patriarch Antonius Naguib (Cardinal of Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt) and AWR editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman were asked to give presentations about the place of Christians in Egypt today on occasion of "The Parlamentarischer Abend" (informal evening meeting of...
My fifteen years living in Egypt has given me a lot of connections, including Egyptian diplomats, who are now providing me with stories about current developments in Egypt. It is very common among diplomats that they are ready to give visitors an off the record insight in what is happening in their...
It will probably only much later that we will understand what a pivotal role the peaceful protests in Tahrir square played for the transformation of an entire region which is still developing.  
This article celebrates the life and work of Sheikh Mohamed Sayad Tantawi. The Grand Imam died recently on a trip to Saudi Arabic. He was a very moderate and fair individual. Sheikh Tantawi was a moderate at a time when hard-line views were swiftly gaining ground.
The U.S state department has issued a new report on the state of human rights in different countries around the world.
An article highlighting the history of Watani International, and how it came to be.
The article describes a seminar that was organized by the World Islamic Call Society that looked at the issue of cultural communication and tried to promote better co-existence between people of different religions.
There are clear elements of the pressure groups known as lobbies in Egyptian society and the world. The pressure groups play a leading role in the policies of the world’s nations.
The writer criticizes the State’s control of the people’s right to freely express and criticize the corruption in Egypt. He advocates criticism of the damaged regime, hoping that it will enable change.
The following presents the opinion of Saad Eddin Ibrahim – one of the most outspoken critics of the Egyptian government, who was imprisoned from 2000-2003 for his critique. He is a liberal secularist, but as a result of his strong democratic stance, he defends the rights of all groups in society,...


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