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A report by Al-Dustūr newspaper questioned the recent statements and the decision by the Egyptian Government to backtrack from building the bridge of “King Salman” in Sharm Al-Sheikh. 
Background:Three different subjects are addressed in the following recording:

ʾUmayya Ṭūqān, a Jordanian economist and later Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan is talking at a press conference about the upcoming second edition of the MENA summit. The summit was initiated by U.S. and Russian...
Background: Two different subjects are addressed in the following recording, these are; Tourism development in Jordan; and development of water supply in Jordan, however, both press conferences are in the context of the then newly signed peace treaty with Israel and its political and economic...
Thousands of protesters staged a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Giza yesterday (August 26) calling on the government to oust the Tel Aviv envoy.
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