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The Coptic expatriate conference in Germany raised suspicions about its real agenda.
Al-Wafd interviews Rif‘at al-Sa‘īd asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Al-Wafd reports on Maurice Sādiq’s attacks on major Christian figures in Egypt.  
The recent killings in Nag Hamadi have engendered various reactions throughout Egyptian society. Some have cursed the darkness, while others have closed up their eyes and ears altogether. Some, however, have been spurred to action, but sensitivity, distance—geographically and culturally, and...
CIDT’s Jayson Casper meets Upper Egyptian journalist Nermine Ridā, who tells of the difficulties faced by journalists in the region, and her drive for rigorous journalistic integrity, in addition to commenting on expatriate Coptic reporting. Article full text: On December 15-16, 2009, the Center...
Pope Shenouda has asked the Metropolitan of Jerusalem for the Coptic Orthodox Church to prepare a list of Coptic businessmen who organize trips to Jerusalem to question them.
Ibrāhīm ‘Īsá sheds light on a number of points about expatriate Copts which he believes should be taken into consideration while judging them.
Sāmih Fawzī discusses Egypt’s emigration problem, the need for greater transparency and Coptic expatriates. He also calls on Christians to be active players in Egyptian society andbelieves that in the modern age socio-economic factors are more of a uniting force than religion.
Often when people emigrate from Egypt they leave certain problems behind but encounter new obstacles in their new country of residence believes Rev. Menes Abdel Nūr. However the pastor believes in spite of the fact that Pope Shenouda is a great preacher he should not have interfered in politics.
The article discusses Coptic activists outside of Egypt, who have organized demonstrations in protest to affairs within Egypt, particularly involving the Monastery of Abu Fana.


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