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Egypt's women dreams for 2017 differ according to age and social class; dreams of vegetable vendors differ on the dreams of private sector employee, the dreams of women in their fifties differ from those in their twenties; however, the dream of lower commodity prices was shared amongst all women.
As an American Christian in Egypt I find that I instinctively view events here through the following lens: Liberals are the good guys, Islamists are the bad guys, and the army is somewhere in between, perhaps neutral, perhaps not. Complicated times beg for simplistic narratives, and this one...
‘Abd Allāh al-Husānī, Minister of Awqaf, filed a complaint with the Military Council and the Attorney General describing the development of the al-Nour mosque crisis in 'Abbāssīyah. The complaint came after the imām of the mosque was not allowed to give last Friday's sermon and described the attack...
Franciscan School’s Administration asserted that the administration had agreed with students’ parents at the beginning of the school year to prevent hijābs in classrooms, and that both parents and students have agreed.
Dr. Wolfram Reiss discusses the obstacles and opportunities identified by a German project and accompanying international dialogue on the revision of school textbooks in the Middle East, in terms of their treatment of Christianity.
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