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Pope Shenouda asserted in his Wednesday sermon at the Coptic Cathedral in al-‘Abbāsīyah that buildings belonging to the church and monasteries will be destroyed on the Day of Judgment just like any other building because the real church lies within its group of believers and not within the church’s...
During her first official visit to the pontifical headquarters at the Coptic Cathedral in ‘Abbāsīyah, Pope Shenouda told the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey that Muslim-Christian relations are good and the relationship is based on a genuine love between the two.
The article presents celebrations of the Copts of Egypt on Easter.
The article reviews features of celebrations of Egyptian Christians for the occasion of Easter.
Wafā’ Wasfī reviews some of the Copts’ religious traditions during celebrations for the Passion Week.
The author describes the friendship between the imām of al-Nūr mosque and the bishop of Hilwān.
The Minister of Religious Endowments Dr. Hamdī Zaqzūq has advised dā‘iyahs to increase the public awareness of conspiracies that target the safety and stability of Egyptian society.
Councilor Labīb Halīm Labīb proposes a draft law to amend the law of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s patriarch. The following lines highlight Labīb’s suggested law.
Fādī Emile accuses a female church servant for spoiling the relations between Bishop Makarius, assistant bishop at the Diocese of Minia, and Metropolitan Arsenius of Minia that has resulted in the departure Makarius.
The tribal structure of the Sudanese community in Egypt and the passiveness of the Egyptian security forces are the main reasons behind the increasing crimes committed by the Sudanese. Moreover, the author claims that the Catholic Church shelters theses Sudanese and offers them bribes to convert to...


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