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More than 10,000 Muslims and Christians attended the ?National Conference to Support the Palestinians? that was held in the St. Mark Cathedral upon the call of Pope Shenouda. The conference was an expression of Egyptians? objection to the Israeli practices against the Palestinians. Pope Shenouda...
Even after the end of the Christmas celebrations, articles on Christmas are still published in the Egyptian press. The strength of national unity between Muslims and Christians was highlighted in almost all articles.
Dr. George Ḥabīb Bibāwī was excommunicated from the Coptic Orthodox Church following his latest offense against Pope Shenouda. The study published on the internet and summarized by Rose al-Yūsuf aroused the anger of the Coptic Orthodox Church who held an emergency session of the Holy Synod. The...
The angry demonstrations of the people of Naj‘ Ḥammādī in al- ‘Abbāsīyah Cathedral against Bishop Bīshūy’s decision to dismiss Bishop Kyrillos, which forced Pope Shenouda to reconsider the decision, reveal that Copts can no longer stand the oppression of priests.
The present tension in the Coptic Church has been brought about by Coptic groups, similar to the political Islamic groups that use religion to achieve their own political goals. The Coptic Church is under threat of destroying its leading role in national unity and Egyptian history.
The article discusses the trials of a Muslim man, Mahm?d Salah, who was charged with attacking Copts in churches.
Dr. Isaac Fānūs freely spoke his mind about the issues he found important. Dr. Fānūs was critical about ecclesiastical institutions and leadership, including those in his own Coptic Orthodox Church. In this interview religions are described as societal entities that humans have created and...
The author discusses Christianity in Egypt, and what it means to be a Copt living in a society that constantly struggles with social issues.
The article discusses Isaac Fanous’ contributions to Christian art and iconography.
In media it is now usual to criticize the racial discrimination culture and to suggest solutions by sympathizing with women by calling them “half of the society” and with Copts who are called “the other part of the nation tissue” without realizing that these names emphasize separation and division.


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