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The author pays his respects to the passing of Fayek Matta Ishak, and highlights Ishak’s contributions to Coptic scholarly works, as well as his contributions to furthering the understanding of Coptic beliefs and traditions.
The Grand Imām stressed to the Gouvernor-General of Australia that Islām is against terrorism in all its forms. In other news, Pope Shenouda ratified the formation of new directorates for the Egyptian Coptic churches in the United States.
Divorce issues pose serious problems in many Copts’ private life and are causing a severe conflict between the state and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The Institut Du Monde Arabe (IMA), in Paris, France, is presently holding a major art exhibit showcasing famous religious works of art, both Christian and Islamic.
Pope Shenouda III and the head of the Evangelical Church congratulated the Grand Imām and all Muslims on the Lesser Bairam.
Many articles were published in Watani, al-Ahram and al-Usboa in memoriam to Bishop Gregorios, the General Bishop of Theological Post Graduate Studies, Coptic Culture and Scientific Research, who passed away last week. All the articles in the first two papers concentrated on the personal...
Swift intensive efforts were made this week to contain a Muslim-Christian crisis due to a blasphemous article, by a Muslim writer, about a former monk. Thousands of angry youths protested against the article, the Government was accused of being in collusion with the paper, Pope Shenouda...
On Tuesday, thousands of Copts and 80 bishops converged in St. Mark’s Cathedral in al-‘Abbāsīyah to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Pope Shenouda’s consecration as the pope of Alexandria. The celebration was marked by speeches from bishops from the Coptic Orthodox Church, and...
The author reflects on the life of Anba Gregorious (1967 to 2001), who was bishop of higher studies and scientific research and one of the pillars of the modern Coptic Orthodox church.
The official spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church announced that Pope Shenouda is in good health after having an operation on his spinal column. All news that the pope is suffering from cancer was denounced.


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