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Pope Shenouda has allegedly threatened to defrock any monk who remarries divorced Copts without permission from the clerical council, since the Coptic Orthodox Church only allows divorce in a few, limited circumstances.
The author argues that Pope Shenouda can do nothing more to stop Father Zakarīya Butrus attacking Islam, since Butrus is no longer part of the Coptic Orthodox church, and therefore does not fall under the pope’s authority.
The sectarian violence incidents in the village of Al-Ayyat did not have any effect on the atmosphere of the Ramadan iftar dinner hosted by Pope Shenouda at the Coptic Cathedral. Speeches focusing on national unity between Muslims and Copts were delivered by the Speaker of the People´s...
It is claimed that the extremists and the fanatic Islamic groups control faculty mosques. Yet, all university principals emphasize that they fully control them, especially since most of their Imams are appointed by the Ministry of Endowments [Awqaf].
Problems for those attempting to obtain computerized identity cards before the 2007 deadline.
The author reports that the health of Pope Shenouda does not seem to be good, as he looked tired during his weekly meeting in the St. Mark Cathedral.
The six applicants have notified the civil status department in the Cairo district of al-
The era of President Husnī Mubārak has witnessed some kind of balanced relations in a way that was not available in the previous one.
Rā’id al-Sharqāwī reports about the Holy Synod meeting of June 18 that decided to dismiss Coptic Orthodox Bishop Mattias.
Hundreds of Copts from al-Mahalla have demonstrated in front of the Saint Mark Cathedral in Cairo.


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