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On Wednesday, April 27th, we've had the pleasure to show the movie "One Hand", a film produced by Johnny and Rebecca Weixler with help of contacts provided by Arab-West Report. The film had been earlier presented and well received at the well-attended MESA Film Festival in Denver, Colorado, USA....
The author reports on a book fair held at the Evangelical Church in al-Is‘āf squire, in which the church sells cheap books and other materials about the Christian faith.
The following is a review of the history of the Jewish existence in Egypt and Jewish synagogues.
Cairo churches offer financial and in-kind aid to the refugees of Darfur. The following lines shed light on the refugees’ lives in Egypt.
Chief of Suhāj’s security department proves that the news reported about girls’ kidnapings and human organ theft are mere rumors.
This article is an interview with the head of Cairo Jewish Community, Carmen Weinstein, who speaks about the conditions of the few Jews still living in Egypt and their relationship with the Egyptian government and Israel.
"The artifacts and monuments used by Egypt’s Jews are part of our national heritage. They tell the story of the Jewish community in Egypt over the centuries." This is how Mohsen Abdel-Rahman Rabi’, director of the Department of Jewish Antiquities (DJA) at the Supreme Council of Antiquities,...
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