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The author discusses a dispute between 29 Coptic families who were evicted from their land under the premise that it was state owned, and presents the opinion of the region’s governor on the issue, as well as Watani International’s critique of the way in which the dispute is being handled.
The article discusses a dispute between a church and a mosque over a plot of land, and to whom it legally belonged.
The problem of ‘Izbat Hannā was solved. The governor of al-Minyā bought the land on which 29 Christian families lived to build a public foundation. Many conflicts were aroused over the land, the latest of which concerned building an Azhar institution, which sparked protests from the Christian...
The author considers a number of situations in which the citizen has been overruled by the state. He presents two specific examples, one of a plot of land that was given to the lowest bidder, and the other about forged IOU notes that greatly indebted citizens beyond their means.
A description of the lives of Copts living near the Nile in the village of Ezbet Hanna Ayoub who are in a conflict with the Land Reclamation Authority [LRA] over the ownership of their land. The author warns that poor policy on the part of the authorities can lead to sectarian violence.
The Christian residents of ‘Azbah Hannā Ayūb in al-Minia governorate are warning of upcoming sectarian strife in the village similar to al-Kushh incidents due to the demolition of their houses and the seizure of a 20-qarat plot of land which they cultivated through the Agrarian Reform Office.
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