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Pope Shenouda prevents Orthodox Copts from attending the World Day of Prayer held by the Catholic and Evangelical Churches because he feared that it would affect the youth and encourage them to leave the Orthodox Church.
The article overviews the life and reformatory church contributions of key church figure Archdeacon Habīb Girgis.
The author reports on the arrest of a 26-year old lawyer while trying to sneak into a church in Cairo’s downtown. The arrested lawyer justified his weird behavior and appearance claiming that he was the awaited Mahdī and he was ordered to come to this church to search for the treasure of the...
Lawyer Mamdouh Nakhla said that more than a lawsuit was filed to nullify the list of Tharwat Basili in the elections of the Majlis al- Milli. The former head of the Patriarchate Media Center denied being one of the opposition. Dr. Mamdouh Bushra Wissa asked for judicial supervision over the...
The author discusses the two day conference organized by Coptic author Kamāl Zākhir Mūsa about reform that is needed in the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Coptic Orthodox Church has been trying to prevent this conference from taking place but it will start on the same day that Pope Shenouda celebrates...
Apart from the four canonical gospels acknowledged by the church, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there are about 15 apocryphal gospels, including the controversial Gospel of Judas, which are taught in theological colleges and institutes, but are not widely-known among the general public.
Celebrating the Evangelical Church’s 150 years of ministry in Egypt, Munā al-Mallākh writes on the history of Evangelicalism in Egypt.
Pastor Shawqi Nabaeh Istas brought the head of the Free Methodist Churches Council and the head of the Evangelical church before the Court of Administrative Justice. Istas wants to cancel the decision taken to depose him and freeze his membership of the General council.
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