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The relationship between expatriates living in Egypt and Ramadan can be a love-hate relationship. Some might argue that Ramadan is the ‘most unproductive month of the year’. People work less hours and businesses can get a bit slow. On the other hand, however, very few can deny the level of...
This article sheds light on the secret world of the Islamic adoption declaration room. The author visited two of these rooms, the first solely for foreigners and the other for Egyptian Christians who want to convert to Islam. He relates the story of three cases he witnessed and gives an account of...
The author talks about al-Burhāniyyah, a Ṣūfī method which has been legally banned at Egypt, but there is an attempt to return it back through distributing a Masbahah and a paper containing incorrect names for Prophet Muhammad.
A discussion of the different place clergy and Islamic shaykhs obtain their garments.
In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in the Azhar area, the Egyptian press focused on opinions of clerics and the editorial views of senior journalists.
Sufism advocates asceticism and meditation as a means of achieving rapturous union with the Divine, but now all you see is a smash of heterogeneous practices adopted in almost all Sufi orders.
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