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Incidents of Muslim-Christian aggression during the rule of Sulṭān Muḥammad Bin Qalāwūn.
The article gives many personal examples of Christians and Muslims living peacefully together in Cairo.
The author discusses the problems facing the Hanging Church as priests accuse a Christian businessman of encroaching on the sanctity of the church by building bazaars in front of the Mār Girgis church. Some point an accusing finger at the Supreme Council of Antiquities for supporting the...
Two Muslims face charges of contempt of religion for promoting offensive ideas about Islam.
Sheikh Goheiry’s second house in Fatimid Cairo between Muski and Al Muizz street is being threatened according to his descendants and residents of the area.
Since the fall of communism, the Armenians of the diaspora are at liberty to return to their country, yet many are choosing not to. Some claim that it is too early, others that it is too late. The Armenians of Egypt go for a visit and come back, happy to resume the life they have made for...
Encroachment on Islamic monuments and their use as administrative buildings are threatening the national heritage.
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