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Mamdūh ‘Izzat reports on the banning of Father Mattá al-Miskīn’s book by the church.
Dozens of mothers and wives of suspects in al-Tā’ifah al-Mansūrah case demonstrated against the Ministry of Interior for not releasing their relatives.
International Religious Freedom Report 2006, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.
The article discusses some of the historical trends within the growth of the city of Cairo, and highlights some of the places in the city that have the poorest populations.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding presents its annual report for 2006, highlighting the objectives achieved and the goals for the upcoming year. 2006 was landmarked by growing toward the Center for Arab-West Understanding, and laying the basis for an electronic documentation center.
The visit of the delegation of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to Egypt has caused much controversy within Egyptian political and religious circles, with many considering it an unwanted interference in the internal affairs of the country. Men of religion criticized the visit of...
The author discusses Christianity in Egypt, and what it means to be a Copt living in a society that constantly struggles with social issues.
A legal document detailing the struggles and procedures that the Center for Arab-West Understanding went through in gaining NGO status.
A new episode in the case of the jailed professor, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, has been revealed in the local media of this week. An employee in a department of his center accused him of corruption, while his family threatened to halt their collaboration with the State Security department. At the same...
Text of lecture about a declining Christianity in the Middle East. Dalrymple compares between his travels in the mid nineties to when he collected material for his book ‘From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East,’ and recently travelled to the areas he had visited...


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