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A 22-member group, called al-Tā’ifa al-Mansoura [The victorious denomination] has been arrested by the Egyptian police for planning terrorist attacks against tourist sites, gas pipelines, and a number of top Muslim and Christian clergy.
In this article, the author reviews a book by a group of Jewish historians refuting Israeli allegations about possession of property in Cairo, including the southern Cairo suburb of Ma‘ādī.
With the blessings of Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Antonius Najīb has been ordained as patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, succeeding Cardinal Stephanos II Ghattās who resigned for health reasons.
The author highlights the contradiction between the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared attitude towards Copts and the opinions of their muftī.
The Head of the Department of Transport and Bridges Equipment in Cairo was arrested together with his wife for forming a group promoting ideas against Islam. He issued a fatwa to his followers that they were not obliged to pray in the direction of the Kiblah while performing prayers. He also denied...
The article gives a general idea about Ayman Al-Zawahry, who is now considered to be more dangerous than Usama Bin Laden. He is behind many terrorist attacks on Egypt. He was not well known until three years ago when he became the first assistant to Bin Laden. He took part in the assassination of...
Sermons from pastors at the Maadi Community Church on ’The Da Vinci Code’ and its attack on Christianity.
Comment on Dan Brown’s misleading ‘The Da Vinci Code’, widely seen as an attack on Christian faith.
The author gives an account of some of the bombings carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood during the time of founder Hasan al-Bannā, as acknowledged by a member of the group’s secret organization.
The author comments on the phenomenon of religious stickers attached to cars. He believes it is a serious phenomenon that can lead to sectarian strife, while national unity needs to be supported.


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