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The Head of the Jewish Community in Egypt Mājda Shihāta Hārūn emphasized that the project related to restoring the Jewish synagogues, which are unregistered as antiquities, into cultural centers is under way. She pointed out that the garbage removal works started in al-Mahallah al-Kubrá’s Hayyim El...
Egypt's workers played a major role in the surge of protests that swept across the country in the 2000s, leading to the undermining and eventual fall of the regime of Husni Mubārak in 2011. Despite subsequent regime crackdowns on domestic dissent, the independent labor movement continued its...
*/ Dr. Muhammad Badī', the Murshid (Guide) of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), has accused the former regime of tearing apart the fabric of the people of Egypt through permanent fitnah.
This article sheds light on salafism in Egypt. It points out the areas in which salafis spread and shows how powerful they are in these areas.
The following lines provide a resume of the history of the celebration of the Holy Family celebrated annually in the Upper Egyptian village of Jabal al-Tayr. Moreover, the media shed light on the influence of the financial crisis in Egypt on the celebration.
The article reports on the participation of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the so-called May 4 general strike.
The article reports on the April 6 protest of workers of the industrial city of al-Mahallah al-Kubrá over the increase of prices.
The article reviews recent sentences that key members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement have received that reflect the ongoing security drive over the group.
The article reviews clashes that took place between security forces and protesters of the city of al-Mahallah al-Kubrá on April 6 and 7.
A U.S. report concludes that Islamists and the food crisis threaten the stability of Egypt.


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