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Youssef Sidhom discusses the 37 year long struggle of the Copts of Alexandria to build a church in Maamoura.
The author writes about the issue of Mahmoud Salāh al-Dīn, who is accused of attacking three churches and going on a stabbing spree that claimed the life of one aging worshipper and the injury of others, and the replacement of a medical commission mandated to observe the alleged lunatic.
The review tackles the incidents of Alexandria, where a man, alleged by the Ministry of the Interior to be a lunatic, stormed three churches one after the other, and stabbed worshippers while chanting Muslim slogans in praise of the Prophet Muhammad.
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria applied twenty years ago (!!) to the governor of Alexandria to dedicate a spot of land, owned by the governorate, to build a church in Al-Maamoura Beach serving thousands of Coptic residents and visitors. Until now that permit has not yet been granted.
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