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The al-Ni'mah al-Khayrīyah association witnessed a tiff between a priest and his wife's family which led to his death by a bullet. Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects waited for him to finish praying then waited for him outside the association. An argument broke out, because the...
Majdī Fahmī reports on the statement of Christian men of religion about the Coptic Orthodox Church’s anger about 20 Evangelical pastors’ visit to Max Michel.
Majdī Fahmī discusses the differences between Christian denominations, presenting the opinions of Christian men of religion on the issue.
Sectarian tension in al-Marj, a Cairo suburb, results in a crime. Allegations of the victim’s sister assert the mistake in the forensic medical report that declared nervous shock as a cause of death. The family of the allegedly “murdered” wants revenge in the absence of an active police role.
International Religious Freedom Report 2006, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.
‘Alā’ ‘Ādil reports on a new wave of Muslim-Christian tension that has taken place in the district of al-Marj, north east of Cairo, after rumors spread about building an unauthorized church in the district.
Father Zakarīyā Butrus, the controversial priest who foments anger of Muslims, of Egypt in particular and the Arab world in general, through his programs which launched a no-holds-barred attack on the Islamic faith on ‘al-Hayāt’satellite channel, appears for the first time in Arab media.
This press review discusses the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian political life, and their constant efforts to control educational institutions, including governmental schools. In al-Musawwar magazine, ‘Abd al-Qādir Shāhīb linked the recent support of some Egyptian...
This article celebrates the release of seven Copts who had been detained by State Security Investigation and details the story of Dimiana, who went missing last July.
Nādir Shukrī tells the story of the arrest of Christian youth without charges following the alleged kidnapping of a Christian girl.
The article deals with an address by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria in which he pledged to settle the crisis of the seven Christians detained for attempting to take a Christian girl from al-Fayyūm who had converted to Islam.
An investigative report into the arrest of seven young men in the al-Marj district and the demonstrations that followed.
Copts in al-Muqattam protested against the illegitimate arrests of four priests and relatives of a Christian girl who converted to Islam and married a Muslim.
Shirīn ‘Īd writes about a potential wave of sectarian sedition in the district of al-Marg after a Coptic tradesman shot a young Muslim.
Thanks to the Congress ... pardon to the Egyptian People’s AssemblyAl-Dustūr newspaper published in its issue of August 27, 1997, an essay entitled "Crusaders have not put their swords down yet". The writer expressed his worry at an American economic boycott, or an American marine invasion of Egypt...
Rose al- Yūsuf continues its series of stories about distinguished clerical figures who were imprisoned by former president Anwār al-Sadāt’s famous September 1981 decision.
Eight bishops and twenty-four priests were arrested and imprisoned in 1981, an act which had no precedent in Egyptian modern history. After twenty five years Rūbīr al-Fāris interviews one of these priests, Athanasius Butrus, pastor of the Church of Mār Girgis in Manshiyt al- Sadr, to talk...
An examination of the crisis 25 years ago between President Sadat and the Coptic Orthodox Church, during which Pope Shenouda was confined in Anba Bishoi Monastery in the Western Desert, and banned from acting as patriarch of the Coptic Church. Many other bishops and priests were also detained, and...
Bin Laden and his terrorist followers, who escaped from Egypt, imagined that Egypt could be a stage for their malicious operations. Their first target was to strike the symbols of the state, the cultured and the intellectuals, and to create a moral dread within Egyptians. Their second target was...
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