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The author describes the friendship between the imām of al-Nūr mosque and the bishop of Hilwān.
The article discusses reactions to a recent Supreme Administrative Court ruling which forces the Coptic Orthodox Church to allow Copts that have been divorced through civil courts to re-marry.
The first Coptic conference was held in Cairo in the presence of representatives of Coptic expatriates’ organizations and other national figures. The conference called for effectuating citizenship rights and denounced all forms of discrimination.
The article comments on a Supreme Administrative Court ruling to allow 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later returned to Christianity to reclaim their legal rights as Christians.
Security forces are responsible for causing some problems between Muslims and Copts whether by letting a small problem escalate or by refraining from taking strong steps to tackle it
In a seminar held by the Center for Egyptian Woman’s Issues, leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church have opposed the civil marriage, when Protestant ones have called for a revise of the current bylaw.
The article sheds light on the reactions of Muslim and Christian figureheads to the news that the U.S. Administration may re-construct its annual aid to Egypt in order to focus on supporting Coptic non-governmental organizations
The following presents a report on poverty in Egypt, and specifically how this issue is being addressed by the Coptic Orthodox Church in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of Egyptians.
The case of the Coptic born twins Mario and Andrew is escalating. The Coptic mother’s lawyer held a press conference in which he called on the UN to intervene to resolve the problem. The Coptic Orthodox Church has rejected any foreign interference in the case, even if it is from expatriate Copts,...


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