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Fādī Emile discusses the problem of the Christian-born twins, Mario and Andrew, whose father’s conversion to Islam forced them to be registered as Muslims. Emile interviews the twins to speak about their perplexing problem.
al-Jawhar is the publication issued by Max Michel, who assigned himself head of a new Orthodox denomination; namely Saint Athanasius Church. The eighth page of the publication indicated articles by pastors of the Evangelical Church who seem to have friendly relations with Michel.
The following lines present a short biography of Pope Kyrillos VI of Alexandria, predecessor of Pope Shenouda III who was known for his spiritual values and his close relation to former Egyptian President Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāṣir.
The author discusses a documentary film about garbage collectors in Egypt. The film discussed the success of these garbage collectors in cleaning most areas in Cairo, and also their success in recycling roughly 90% of the collected garbage through simple means.
The reaction of Egypt’s Copts regarding the news of St. Athanasius Church was like an earthquake and its epicenter was in al-Muqattam. The three Egyptian Christian denominations refused to acknowledge the church, under the self-styled Orthodox Dr. Maximus Hannā.
The following lines present a historic and social background about the cave church in the Muqattam hills in Cairo. The church is located at the foot of the mountain and surrounded by about 40 thousand garbage collectors who live in difficult conditions.
Al-Mūjī describes the dirty road leading to an artistic and spiritual monument; Sim‘ān al-Kharrāz Church in the center of Cairo. While she praises the beauty of the place, she blames the government for not maintaining its surroundings.
In a controversial study presented by the dean of the Institute of Theological Studies at the University of Indiana in the U.S, Dr. George Ḥabīb Bibāwī accuses Pope Shenouda III of contradicting inherited Orthodox beliefs and denying fundamentals of Christianity. The study has resulted in a...
Max Michel [Reviewer: his name before being ordained as Bishop Maximus I) intended to print a collection of George Ḥabīb Bibāwī’s articles criticizing Pope Shenouda III. The latter refused the proposal and threatened to file a claim against Bishop Maximus I if he executed his intentions without...
The American administration uses civil society to support democratic changes in the Middle East.


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